Nikki Muddaris Caught on Tape


The once hot couple Nikki Muddaris and Mally Mal seem to have a sex tape that has been circulating the internet. There is footage that was leaked of Mally Mal and Nikki having sex to Futures “Thought it was a Drought” and apparently it was suppose to be leaked by Mally Mal himself. However Nikki took to twitter to address the situation:


We find it odd that no one seems to be lashing out at Mally Mal but Nikki is receiving all the backlash from the leaked sex tape. Double standard much? Nonetheless, it was definitely not a good look for either party for the sex tape to be leaked. What ever happened to breaking up and leaving it at that with out slandering the other person? Obviously Mally Mal is being malicious. The video since then has been deleted. Get it together -GossipSnobbs